What another beautiful sunny day we are having. The children have been enjoying outside time but staying safe with lots of sun cream on and wearing their hats.

We also had a lot of time with different water play, they especially loved the water play with the foam. The children laughed so much as they blow the bubbles from their hands. It was such a fun activity.  What a great way to start the morning off.

The sand pit was a hit as usual. The children display their amazing fine motor skills and coordination development as they used the shovels to scoop and place it into the buckets.

Luca and jack were so excited as they played together with spiderman and the hulk. It was so funny listening to them talking for the figures. ‘’Hello’’ they said as they laughed with each other.

Celina and Amelia enjoyed some pretend play in the kitchen together. While Zoe explored the puzzle.

Evan made the biggest of towers with the blocks.

Donna blew bubbles for us as we used our fingers and hands to pop them.

We had our small group times as we used our listening ears and enjoyed the Christmas stories with our teachers.

After we went and joined the teachers to continue to make Christmas crafts. Our room is feeling like Santa’s house.

With Liza the children made a special picture about what Santa was bringing as a gift for them.

What a fun day at Aqua. Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe from the sunshine.


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