Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 😊 We’ve participated in lots of fun activities to kick off the week!

We started with group time with our favourite educators! Jasmine’s group time is full of fun and games and Rita’s group time has puppets and songs galore! We always have so much fun singing and communicating with each other, it’s the perfect way to begin our day!

Time to brush off those cobwebs and get stuck into a yoga session with Robyn! We stretched our bodies and got ready for the day in the most fun way … with animal poses! Yoga is great for gross motor development, balance and coordination and we have so much fun doing it!

We practiced our fine motor skills by painting with pegs and pom poms! We made beautiful artwork with lots of colours.

We’ve had some hot weather, so that means it’s summer, right? And summer means … ice cream! Today the children had fun using paint mixed with shaving foam and round blocks to stamp ice cream scoops onto their ice cream cone!

Such a fun Monday! We’ve explored the play dough, drew pictures and played with the cars in the garage. Thanks for a great day 😊


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