It’s Tuesday and it’s December! Which means that it’s officially Summer and only 24 more days until Christmas! Yay 😊

We have been learning our Christmas songs for a few weeks now and the children have really been enjoying them! During our group times, as well as reading books and playing games, we have been practicing our Christmas songs with actions too. What fun!

The children enjoyed their yoga this morning! We did a lot of jumping and stretching up high to the sky and down low to touch our toes. We always finish off with our favourite animal poses – what a great way to encourage gross motor skills and physical development!

We’ve been painting reindeer today! How else will Santa be able to pull his sleigh!? The children used pegs and cotton balls to decorate their reindeer.

We used our fine motor skills to scrunch up tissue paper and glue it onto our Christmas trees as baubles for decoration…


And we continued with our ice cream paintings with fluffy paint … paint mixed with shaving foam is a different painting experience for the children and it creates a fun texture to explore!

It’s been a lovely warm day and the children have had a great time playing with trains, digging in the sand pit and drawing beautiful pictures together 😊

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