Happy hump day everyone. The Aqua explorers had a bus morning. They enjoyed wooden block construction and Lego at the table outside as well as catching bubbles in a group. Meanwhile inside, some explorers requested to do dancing with Disney songs such as ‘let it go’ and ‘Moana’, the children danced to the rhythm of the music and enjoyed playing musical instruments. At the inside table, some explorers were engaged in drawing as well as colour matching puzzles.

During literacy group time today, the Aqua children continued to practice their Christmas songs. They were enthusiastic and excited about Christmas. After concert practice, the children also listened to some of their favourite stories from CDs such as ‘NEE NAW’, ‘the lion sleeps tonight’ as well as ‘we are going on a croc hunt’. The explorers extended their cognitive and language skills through singing, identifying images from stories and listening.

At learning centre today, the children were excited to do various activities:

With Alejandra, they continued to make Christmas cards for family members.

With Bambi, the explorers used variety of materials to make Santa.

With Nelson, the children were engaged with a large obstacle where they had to walk along the bridge, slid down the slippery dip, crossed the pretended fire and hop on stones.

With Liza, the explorers continued to write letters to Santa, some of these letters are displayed in the room and children enjoyed looking at them.

The explorers had a lovely day in AQUA!

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