Happy Wednesday! The children have had another lovely day learning all about Christmas by reading books, singing songs and participating in lots of Christmas arts and crafts.

We started off our day with group time! It’s the perfect time to talk to the children and engage them in meaningful conversations about things like the weather, Christmas and what we might be doing that day! It’s a fun part of the day where the children are able to practice their listening skills too.

We had a lot of fun moving our bodies during yoga! Today we listened to a lovely yoga song about being a butterfly and the children showed off their butterfly poses and followed along with the actions. What fun!

Today we continued with our Christmas craft. We decorated more reindeer and Christmas trees…

We used our fine motor skills to glue and stick white stripes onto our candy canes…

And we painted our hands green to make handprints that will (hopefully) be made into a big Christmas tree for our Christmas display!

What a fabulous day we have had exploring the sand pit, playing with playdough and making music with our water bottle shakers! We had fun dancing to Christmas songs and reading books 😊

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