Today is another really hot day, the children enjoyed some water play to keep them cooled down. Our new friend Sophie loved washing the doll in the bath. She used a cloth and wiped her cleaned then dried her. Well done Sophie, you have been super brave and enjoyed your day today.

Poppy started her morning off by making some yummy coffee for Liza.

While some of the boys enjoyed some dancing time to Christmas songs.

Georgia and Nicholas explored the connecters. They used their fine motor skills to connect them to make different objects. Nicholas made a car

Zoe and Celina have been forming a friendship and today they laughed with each other as they looked in the mirror and could see each other’s reflection.

We separated and went into our groups. We practiced our songs as it is getting closer to the Christmas concert time, the children are trying extremely hard and doing a really good job.

After group time we did learning centre time, which was full of Christmas crafts.

Lisa group made bells, they used fine motor to glue many wonderful flowers and glitter onto them.

Some children enjoyed some playdough fun, manipulating

it to make shapes with it.

Nelson and his group had some gross motor fun. They used their knowledge of colours and ran to the right one when he called the colour.

Some of the children just enjoyed some Friday chill time and read and explored Bambi’s books and treasure basket.

Alice had fun climbing the tree and pretending she was the monkey.

Annabel and Georgia enjoyed some pretend play in the kitchen area together.

All children continued to put sun cream on throughout the day, to stay safe from the sun. 

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