Today we have another beautiful day of singing, playing and sharing emotions and fun play with our friends.

We started the day by practising Christmas songs as an entire group. We include new songs a Tima would like to ask children to express their background by singing songs in their mother tongs. Here we have a few contenders for the best singer price.

Gail was working on using different areas of expression with creative arts by making Christmas collage. During this experience children expressed their thoughts: Archie said “Wow, check it out… it’s a Christmas tree. Eric described his creation as a Christmas tree. A rainbow tree. Oscar said: look, this is a skateboard. And Teos mention: Mine is a Monster truck that goes in the mud, with water.

We also extend on friendship as we have two new friends Arya and Liam started on Monday and Thursday. Few children took their time to share games and exchange playtime with them in different areas and settings. Fantastic friendship building.



Have a wonderful weekend.

See you next week!

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