What a wonderful day we had today at Aqua. It really has started to feel like Christmas. We were incredibly lucky to get invited to a Christmas show.

We took a visit to Crimson and there was a show about this little girl called Louise and her Mom. Louise was super excited as it was Christmas eve, and she could not sleep. She wanted to watch telly or Netflix, but her Mom said she must sleep so Santa can come. Louise asked her Mom to tell a poem and to read some Christmas stories. We heard a lovely poem called ‘’the night before Christmas’’.

After Santa’s Mom came and she asked us to help put the tree up and decorate it. She wore a suit just like Santa. It was red. She was very funny, and we got to sing a song called ‘’Santa was his name O’’ with her.

We also had to help her with the list from other children, we match the presents with the children’s name.

After we all danced with her and then said and waved a big goodbye.

It was so lovely to see the excitement in the children’s faces as they said goodbye.

What a fun day at Aqua today. I am sure there will be lots of talk around the dinner table tonight about Christmas and the show.

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