Time is flying by so fast!! It’s already the last month of the year.

Today, we worked hard to practice for the Christmas Concert as always. We sang a special song about the princess and the prince. Clementine acted the princess and Eric was the prince. They were so cute together!!!


In learning centre time, we continued making Christmas tree with Shoko. There were much more colours than yesterday.  We enjoyed making our Christmas tree colourful and decorated with silver stars and pompoms.


With Gail, we enjoyed hanging baubles, ornaments and stars in Christmas tree. We decorated with consideration for the overall balance and the placement of colours. While we were decorating, we also talked about the Christmas tree we each have at home. We had great fun taking care of babies. Pushing a baby in a pram was very popular. We took the turn so that everyone had a chance to push.

With Sophia, we explored symmetry again. But this time, the focus was on numbers and letters. She explained the symmetry of the number 8 and the letters M and I. We then used a mirror to check that they were actually symmetrical. They certainly were!!! After that, we made the shape of the number 8 with loose parts.


In 59, we practised for Christmas concert again with Tima. We reviewed our favourite song with actions. It was not easy to sing and do the action at the same time, but we used our cognitive capacities to remember them. After, Sony invited us to make a reindeer. We cut out papers to shape face and horns, then glued a pompom as a nose.


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