Today we play with some of the parachutes that children created after an experiment with our friend Sophia. We came to the conclusion that parachute really worked with a lighter weight or larger sales, but the fun as good as it comes down and landing on the floor.


We used our memory and singing voices to practice some of those songs that we selected during the week with the intention to use them as a representation of our learning process.

Songs like Old grandpa’s clock, Old rocking chair, G-day G-day, Red Black and Yellow, and many others.


Children were very engaged with measurements and weights became very attractive to the children who caught their interest in knowing about the length and weight as mass and time, by using a ruler and scale to test different elements and materials like sand, pencils: or just to timed how long takes a cup of sand to go pass through a funnel and spin a wheel.

Even our friend Elliot got enthusiast with the camera as he wanted to see himself in the mirror and play some games like hide a seek under a blanket. He is also becoming very engaged with different spaces and happy to walk along with the Crimson room, engaging with different scenarios.


Happy weekend everyone.



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