Hello, Thursday. We started today with a practice session for the Christmas concert. We don’t have much time before the video shoot. So, we needed to work hard!

After, we had a learning centre time. With Gail, we participated in various activities. Some related to Christmas such as designing own Christmas tree with glitter, pom poms or coloured papers. Eric, Arda, Lachlan and Archie looked after the babies very well. They were gentle while changing their nappies or feeding. Eric was trying to put baby sleep by walking him in the pram. It was so sweet that he was checking the baby constantly.


Laura, Ava and Eliza also enjoyed taking care of the baby. They liked to change babies’ clothes.


We spent time in the yard with Shoko. We enjoyed watercolour painting as well as construction with screws and bolts. Oliver and Harvey D showed their mathematical skill by counting screws that were laid out. Oliver extended it further to show his ability to addition. He was able to answer all the additional questions posed by Shoko. Well done!!!!!



Welcome to Crimson Liam! He was so brave that he was able to introduce himself in front of his peers in 59. It was a very good idea to make an introductory poster. We look forward to spending fun times together with you Liam!


After that, we each engaged in an activity of our choice. Hunter, Viraj and Daniel explored gravity by letting the car drive in the tube. They cheered happily every time the car came out of the tube.


We didn’t forget to water the tomatoes. As we observing them every day, we can see them growing bigger and bigger!


In the afternoon, Elliot expressed an interest in climbing the climbing dome. It was so lovely to see him using fine and gross motor skills at the same time!! Well done Elliot!




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