Hello, beautiful Monday! This week will be a very important week as we have started recording the Christmas Concert today! And we will continue recording all week.


Afterwards, it was learning centre time. Some of us enjoyed a play in the sandpit, while others having fun with playdough. Making a birthday cake is always our favourite thing to do with playdough.


Rossana showed us how to make masks out of paper. We cut out masks and then drew the faces of our favourite animals. We pretended to be the animal and walked or squealed.


In 59, Hunter, Veronique and Freya shared their special things with us. Veronique explained, “This elf is isolated.”.


We used Christmas cookie cutters to make a special cookie with playdough. Tima prepared playdough in Christmas colour, that made this experience more Christmassy.


Today Maksym and Joshan took on the role of watering the tomatoes.




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