We are incredibly happy to see no rain today and Mr Sun is still shining on us. We are full of sun cream and wearing our hats and staying save outside. We are also full of sand as we have been playing lots in the sandpit.

Isla started the morning exploring the shapes, she was very clever and matched them all together.

Charlotte enjoyed some time colouring a picture.

Some of the children joined each other and did some good building with the large blocks. They made roads for there cars to go on and played together for at least 20 mins.

Learning Centre time was full of fun activities.

The children made some wonderful Christmas trees, they used their fingers and fine motor skills to make dots on the tree.

The children also had the opportunity to explore Christmas decorations, they were placed into a box and shaving foam was added within the box and then they had to use water to wash them. They really enjoyed this activity and spent a long time playing here.

With Bambi, the children enjoyed squash, press and roll out play dough at the table.

We had a fun filled day in school and loved exploring all areas.

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