We’re always looking forward to Thursday. Because Thursday is Science Day! Justin and Sean always surprise us with well-planned science experiments.

Today, we made Christmas ornaments. Guess what the main ingredient was? MILK!!! We couldn’t believe it but we sure did use the milk to make the decorations. And it worked! When we mixed coloured milk and special liquid together it turned into something that looked like cheese. We drained it thoroughly and then punched it out with a mould. It was interesting to watch the liquid change progressively.


Julia and Mia used soy milk instead.


Elliott also looked interested and came to see what we were doing.



Hunter shared his special book called ‘Hunter saved the Christmas.’. Wait, how did he save the Christmas??? We were very interested to listen Tima read that book to us.



In 59, we worked hard to practice our skill in numbers. We traced 1 to 10 while counting aloud.



Thank you, Hunter, Ava and Liam for feeding the guinea pig!



Elliot enjoyed playing the xylophone with Kathrine.




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