Happy Friday to all our wonderful Aqua Families, it is getting so close to Christmas and the children are chatting about Santa and the presents he will bring.

It is wonderful to see the children coming in all their Christmas clothes, lots of lovely red’s and green’s.

Today we had the cutest elf Mr Leo! Thanks to his wonderful Mommy Amanda for all the effort she put in.

In the morning marshmallow came for a visit. The children love to sit around and watch him run up and down and they especially love the way he chews all the time.

Henry and Isaac decide to do a bit of shopping in Coles. They packed their bags and off they went.

Harry explored the large blocks with his educator. He loved using the bridges and even put it on his belly.

Evan explore the small blocks on the mat and made a wonderful house.

Lily had some time on the mat with a book, she enjoyed some quiet time looking at the book.

Sand play was a big hit and the children played in this area a lot. They made wonderful cakes and said they were for Santa.

Some children enjoyed some puzzle exploration.

While some of the group enjoyed a story with our educator.

Sophie, our new friend explored many areas, she especially enjoyed the computers.

What a fun filled Friday we had.

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