Today we started our day by losing up our body with Yoga poses. This helps children to freshen up and promote their health and wellbeing.

Children participated in group time with Bambi, Liza and Nelson where they sang Christmas songs and listened to the stories. This helps children to enhance their language skills as well as their concentration skills.

We continued making Christmas crafts with children where children participated in making Santa stockings with Carolina and some decorated one of the plats with Christmas stencils and we pretended it as a Christmas tree. These learning experiences allows children to experience the diversity in culture and celebration.

Similarly, with Alejandra, children showed off their cutting skills facilitating their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Our builders participated in constructing their own towers and roads with Bambi enhancing their social skills also including the problem-solving skills.

Similarly, during free play children engaged in pretend play, where they pretended to be in library and read together in quiet voices. Also, we had our constructors building the roads by clearing the sand away. The free play helps children to reflect their self-identity as well as facilitated their sense of agency and social emotional learning.

Out friends had a very cool and calm day today 😊

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