Today is unfortunately a rainy day. The children have been engaged indoors.

Some of the children started the day with yoga, they watched and took direction from Alejandra and then they completed the pose. The children love to join in and get ready for their day ahead.

There are many benefits of yoga,  some being, it helps manage anxiety, it helps regulate emotions, boost self- esteem and increases body awareness.

Group times was full of fun stories, songs, and interaction with each other. The children sing the welcome song and say each other’s names. The children love to sing each other’s name.

After group time the children went into there groups and joined the teachers for different activities.

Some of the children joined Bambi for playdough and manipulated the different tools to make many shapes. They made balls and snakes and many more.

A group of the children joined Helena on the mat to play with the parachute, they first had to shake it low, then high, fast, and slow. They take amazing directions and could complete the different commands.

Some children used fine motor skills to do some drawing. Some used them to do puzzles.

It was a fun day within the Aqua room, rain will not stop me.

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