Today was a very big day for the graduates and their families. The graduation ceremony was held for children who are leaving Burns Bay Cottage and embarking on a new journey to the Big School. We decollated the yard Christmassy and invited families to witness the splendid performance of the children. Children sang and danced to three songs, and then after, Emily handed each of them a graduation certificate. It was both a joy and a sadness to see the children leave the Burns bay cottage as we knew we’ll miss them a lot. However, we are sure that they will be successful in big schools, using much of what they have learned here. Congratulations and best wishes to all graduates!!!!




In the morning, we recorded for the Christmas concert again. We sang various songs together with actions. I hope our lovely parents will enjoy watching videos!



We danced passionately with Kathrine and had a great time. She showed us various dance moves, we imitated them to the music.



Tima shared her threading kit with us. We threaded beads onto a string to make a necklace. It was not easy threading the thread through the small holes, but it was good practice for our fine motor skills.



Captain Joey’s tennis lesson was here in the afternoon. Some of us who took part in the lessons practised not only hitting the ball with racquets but also practised controlling the ball and developing our explosive power.




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