Today is an extremely hot and stuffy day. The children have been struggling a little in this heavy heat. They spent time in the air condition rooms. After when they were ready to play outside, they used hats and applied sun cream. Always being sun smart.

Outside the children explored a lot of different toys set up to explore. Isaac, Jeffrey, and Leo had fun together to explore blocks and the airplane. They are learning how to share, and it is funny listening to them telling each other 5 more minutes for their turn.

Kavya and Levi showed their developing fine motor skills and threaded the boy and apple. They are good, and their concentration skills shined as they sat to complete.

Some children showed their large motor skills by climbing the tree in the aqua garden. Jeffrey was amazing and climbed.

Dinosaurs as always were a hit with Harvey. He sat under the tree and named the dino’s, he is very clever and could name them all.

Inside playdough was a hit as always, the children used their displayed amazing fine motor skills as they moulded the dough to the shape they wanted.

The children enjoyed group time stories and songs with their peers and teachers. They really enjoyed dancing with Bambi today.

Some of the children explored books together. Reading together helps children bond, it helps them connect. It develops listening skills and expands their vocabulary.

We all had a fun hot Thursday! We hope you have a lovely evening and stay cool.

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