Happy Wednesday! Today the children had a lot of fun playing with their friends and participating in exciting activities … but we also had a visit from a special guest! 😊

The children were engaged in group times throughout the day. We love to read books, sing songs and play games together to encourage speech, language and social interactions!

A spot of yoga to warm up our bodies and promote a healthy lifestyle through daily exercise! The children enjoy their yoga sessions each day. They enjoy showing off the animal poses they have been learning to all of their educators and peers!

Today the children had so much fun using hammers to smash ice cubes! This was a great way to encourage motor skills and hand-eye coordination. We also love to touch the cold ice with our hands and feel it melting!

We had a lovely day playing with the frogs and ducks in the play dough, singing songs about swimming and jumping in pools!

But the most fun part of today was when a special guest came to visit! You better believe it! Santa was right here, in the Emerald room today! 😊

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