Happy Friday! It’s officially 1 week until Christmas! 😊 How exciting!

Today we enjoyed our usual group times, the children were enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to read books together and sing their favourite Christmas songs!

We exercised our motor skills this morning with our daily yoga session! The children love to skip, jump and stretch their bodies up high and low as they follow along to the music.

Today the weather was lovely and warm! We played with water and gave the toys a wash, it was so much fun!

The children love to draw together! Today we drew beautiful pictures with chalk on big pieces of cardboard!

We had such a lovely end to the week 😊 The children danced to music, read books together and played with the animals on the farm!

We also celebrated Teresia’s Birthday! We love to celebrate birthdays with our friends and enjoyed singing Happy Birthday together! 😊 Happy Birthday Teresia!

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