Happy Friday, we hope you all have a wonderful safe weekend.

It has been so quiet with many children already away with families. We hope you enjoy family time over the Christmas.

Some children started the morning of with educators reading a story. The children love books and it is a great way to settle into school and get ready for the day. the children sat with Donna and Carolina and listened well as they read some stories.

We have been doing a lot of cleaning to keep safe from viruses. The children love to help, they used the sponge to wash down all the tables and chairs. We also helped wash toys with soapy water in the big red tub. The children loved playing in the water as they washed them.

Isla explored the cash register and told the children to buy sweets.

Adeline and Charlette did an amazing job cleaning their cubby house.

Play dough was on the table and of course there was a full house playing with it. We coloured it red for the festival feeling. We used cutters and rolling pins to manipulate the dough.

Annabel enjoyed exploring and making the puzzles.

Evan and Luca love cars, you will often see them pushing them any surface they can find.

We had a visit from marshmallow, we all gave him some food and wished him a merry Christmas. They children display a caring nature as they mind and feed the guinea pig.

Jeffrey and Leo displayed cognitive skills as they used the connectors to make their own ‘’monster trucks’’, Leo said.

Adeline and Lily made a house and a chimney so Santa can leave presents.

While the boys played in the kitchen area and laughed as they pretend to go asleep in the doll’s bed at the same time.

We had a fun filled day with all our friends today.

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