Today was a very hot and muggy day. But we were happy because Thursday is science day! Justin and Sean arrived just before learning centre time started. But it was strange. They didn’t have as much stuff with them as they usually do. The mystery was solved by Justin’s words. He asked us “Do you remember the Christmas decorations you made last week?”. Oh, that’s right. Last week he told us that it would take a week for the Christmas decorations we made to dry completely! Today is exactly a week after that. Everyone wanted to see how their decorations had turned out, but we waited patiently our turn.

The finished decorations were all very beautiful. We gently put them in envelopes so they wouldn’t break and wrote our names on them. We can’t wait to bring them home and hang on the Christmas tree!


Meanwhile, we participated in a variety of activities. Zoe, Clementine, Imri and Nicky enjoyed preparing a special dinner on a table with a Christmas set-up.


Finn O, Oscar, Arda, Viraj and Joshan created Mr Potato head with playdough. Each one was different and unique.


In the yard, playing with cars was a big hit. The boys spent a long time having fun to let cars go on the bump.


In contrast, the girls were enjoying the tea party.


Captain Joey showed up and gave a Christmas present to children taking tennis lessons. Thank you, Captain Joey!!!


Thank you for feeding the guinea pigs, Eleanor and Arya!


Thank you for sharing your holiday story, Silvan!


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