It’s Tuesday and there is only 3 more sleeps until Christmas! 😊 Today the children enjoyed a lovely day playing with their friends and joining in with lots of activities and games!

We had a lot of fun during our group times! It’s a great way to engage in meaningful conversations with our little ones as well as reading books and singing songs together. Today we talked a lot about Christmas and reindeers!

Everyone was very excited to start yoga! The children were helpful with taking shoes and socks off and setting up the mats … they even helped to pack away too! They moved and stretched their bodies and created animal poses. We had so much fun and engaged our gross motor skills too 😊

Today we practiced our counting skills by using our counting mats and stones! The children used the stones to cover their circles and counted how many stones they had collected! Well done everyone!

We also went on a small adventure to the crimson garden! They have another guinea pig, chickens and trampolines!

The children have enjoyed their day playing in the home corner, dancing, playing with the train set and drawing pictures on cardboard with chalk! What a day!

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