Happy Friday! Today, as always, we have been busy engaging in a variety of activities.

Finn O loved the book called ‘Dinosaur Rescue!’  so much that he read it over and over again. He pointed out each vehicle and say its names.


There was a number of sensory play activities set up for us. Harvey D, Edward, Eric and Ryan created a dinosaur habitat and had fun playing with it. The natural materials such as sand and leaves created a more ancient and natural atmosphere.


We also enjoyed playing with rice in the tray. We used various cooking equipment to scoop, pour and fill the rice. It was like cooking, or like experimenting.


We didn’t forget to take care of babies. We gently hold them and put them in the pram. Pushing babies around with pram was so much fun! Since it was very popular, we took turns.


Rueben, Arda and Viraj discovered that light could pass through the connecting blocks. Rueben was very interested and concentrated on experimenting with different coloured blocks.


Have a lovely weekend everyone. We’ll see you next week!


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