Wow, four more sleeps and it’s Christmas!! Unfortunately, It’s not going to be a usual Christmas this year because of the COVID restrictions. But the restrictions do not apply to Father Christmas, do they? We are all excitedly waiting for him to visit our house and give us a present!!!!


As the end of the year is approaching, we have started to do some cleaning. In the yard, we helped Shoko to wash up toys. We wanted to fill the buckets with water, but we couldn’t find any buckets of the right size. We looked around together the yard to see if there was anything we could use instead. And then we came up with an awesome idea. We decided to turn the stepping stone upside down and use it as a bucket!!!!! That was a perfect size to wash Mega blocks. We worked together to clean them, taking care not to leave any dirt behind.


Inside the room, we helped Sony to sort out all the toys. The other day we were sorting through our toys with Arturo but some of them were already mixed up! We also collaborated to pick up and toys that had fallen on the floor or behind furniture and then put them in the correct baskets. We were surprised at how many toys were hidden behind the furniture!!


As usual, Rossana did face painting for us. Some asked her to draw a crown like Elsa’s, others wanted her to draw a Spiderman symbol on the hand. We all loved them!


Hazel, Amariah and Harvey D shared their special things with us. They each stood in front of the group and explained their special things. When we asked them questions, they answered confidently.


Ibhan and Laura were having a lovely dramatic play on the sofa. Laura said “We are going on holiday.”, Ibhan added, “This is our camper van.”. When Shoko asked “What’s in your camper van?”, Laura answered “Our lunch and some toys.”.



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