What a beautiful warm sunny day! we are really enjoying the weather today. We have done some water play and kept cool.

The kitchen area was a big hit and the girls enjoyed pretend play here. They cooked and went to bed for their nap.

Puzzles are a big hit all the time at Aqua. Especially India is enjoying the time exploring them. It helps her settle into her day.

It got overly exciting in the garden area when the children found a grasshopper. Leo especially was excited and even so brave to put him on his shirt. I just love his expression.

He proudly showed it off to his peers and educators.

Group times was full of our favourite Christmas books and songs.

Some of the children joined Alejandra for a matching game and showed of their ever-growing cognitive skills.

The most exciting part was making gingerbread cookies today with Helena and Liza. The children stead hygiene smart and used their gloves. They made icing to go on the cookies when they are baked.

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