Happy new year everyone! Hope everyone had a nice relaxing break!

It is nice to see everyone back again in Aqua! The explorers started their day off with variety of experiences such as practicing their fine motor and cognitive skills with puzzles, utilising their creativity and imagination in Legos as well as extending their physical skills with bubbles.

Just before learning centre time, the explorers were divided into three groups with one group going for transition with Nelson, the other two groups had story time with Liza and Bambi. Our new friends from Emerald also joined us for story time, together the children listened attentively to story time. Experience such as this provided opportunity for children to extend on their cognitive and language skills.

During learning centre time today:

Some explorers were busy cooking up a storm at the home corner.

Others continued to build structures with Lego.

Outside the sandpit was busy with children digging, measuring, and pretending to cook.

With Bambi, the explorers were invited to make play dough by measuring, pouring and mixing the ingredients together.

The transition group had so much fun in Crimson! They enjoyed exploring the yard, home corner and the various activities around the room.

The Aqua explorers had so much fun today!

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