Today to start the morning off the children joined each other in the kitchen to cook some breakfast. Henry and Isla were having lots of fun together.

At the drawing table some of the children got creative and made many different lines and circles on paper.

With Nelson, Evan and Oscar used blocks and made a big airplane. When Nelson asked them were should they go, the children replied to ‘’the Zoo’’.

Lots of the children enjoyed some dancing while India played on the piano. They had so much fun dancing. They even started their own ‘’Row, row your boat’’.

During literacy group time, Our new Aqua friends came to join us. together we listened to music and stories from books and CDs.

During learning centre time, the Aqua explorers continued to explored all areas of Aqua.

They pretended to make cakes at the play dough table.

At the home corner, our new Aqua friends were busy putting dolls to sleep and pretended to cook.

Outside, the Aqua explorers extended their physical skills through climbing, balancing, running and crawling.

A big shout out to our transitioning children who are making the big move to Crimson. They have been doing so well and being brave. They have sat and listened well at group time with their new teachers. They then chose what they want to do and confidently explored the room.

Isabelle Kay, Lily, Adeline, and Evan really enjoyed exploring the kitchen area.

India really enjoyed exploring the coloured rice. She seemed to be so engrossed as she stead at the activity up to 10 minutes.

Saige enjoyed some creative experiences.

Dominic was so eager to explore the vehicle box with the coloured sand.

Oscar enjoyed the dough table.

Also, to the younger Emerald children who have been bravely settling into the Aqua room, we are enjoying getting to know you and it is amazing to see you settling into the room well.

We had a wonderful Wednesday and are happy to see everyone back.



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