Happy Tuesday. This morning, we had a big surprise! Guess what? We found a lot of beans growing on the bean plants we planted last year!! Have they grown fast because of all the rain we had over the holidays? Or was it a present from Santa Claus? Either way, we were very happy to see them! Maddison, Holy and Belian harvested the beans and gave them to the guinea pig. The guinea pig ate the beans with relish so we were delighted. Through this experience, we have not only learnt about the life cycle of plants but also about some part of the food chain.


Some friends from Aqua came to visit us again today. We were so excited to see them, they looked also excited to explore around Crimson. After group time, we were divided into 3 groups for learning centre time.


We had a lot of fun painting the fireworks using natural materials. When we dipped flowers and leaves in paint and pressed them onto black paper, they really looked like fireworks in the night sky! We also added some glitter to it, which made our paintings sparkle and look very beautiful.


Some of us made playdough together. We measured ingredients and pot them in the container. We liked to mix coloured water and dry ingredients as we could see it getting more and more coloured. Harvey commented “It’s gonna be the best playdough ever!” while he was mixing. It also helped us to remember the names of friends we didn’t know. Every time we passed a container to the person next to us, we were encouraged to call his or her name. After finished making, some of us created Mr potato head. Others were still in Christmas mood, making Christmas dinner. Finn O commented “I’m making Christmas dinner balls.”, Ava and her sister Isabella commented, “We are making Christmas cake.”.


We also enjoyed playing in the yard. As you know, we like to climb! We enjoyed climbing the climbing dome as well as the spider web and the tree. We used our gross and fine motor skills to climb up and down to wherever we wanted to go.


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