The weather is really unstable these days, isn’t it? The day before yesterday and yesterday it suddenly started to rain, which surprised us all. Today it was also cloudy and the sky looked like it was about to start crying. However, regardless of the weather, we had a good time playing with our friends!


Visits from the Aqua Room continued today. As usual, we gathered for group time and then split into groups to participate in a variety of activities.


Fishing was a bit hit. We each took a fishing rod and tried to catch as many sea animals as we could. Every time we caught a sea animal, we commented: “I’ve got an octopus!” or “I’ve caught a turtle! “. It was a good exercise to improve our coordination skills as well as motor skills.


We also focused on sensory activities today. We played with coloured rice, dinosaurs and sea animals. We used our imagination to make up stories and shared with friends.


We played with playdough that we made ourselves yesterday. What’s different from yesterday was that we used cookie cutters and knives to shape it. we feel relaxed when we touch the playdough!


In the yard, we enjoyed playing with mud and construction vehicles. We collected mud to build a bank and create a river, we even buried a construction vehicle in the mud. Elliot also enjoyed playing with the water. He enjoyed stirring the water and mud together.

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