Happy Wednesday! The children have had a wonderful day exploring and learning new things!

Today we enjoyed group time with Ekta, Cindy and Jasmine! The children love to read stories with Ekta – they have so much fun talking about all the things they can see. With Cindy, they play with her toys, singing songs and chatting…. And today the children loved participating in Bonker’s Beat with Jasmine! Our music programme is a great way to encourage language and hand-eye coordination through songs and music!

The children have really enjoyed learning all about the sea! We have introduced the children to different ocean animals this week through books and small world play, and today we painted octopus and glued fish!

We also painted fabulous fireworks over the Harbour Bridge with a bathroom loofah! This was a fun texture to feel with our hands.

The children had a lovely day watering the plants and playing with play dough today!

Our big children’s visit to Aqua was very fun! Our little monkeys loved exploring the home corner, garden and cubby house!

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