It was beautiful weather in the morning. We had a very lovely time in the yard, basking in the sunshine.

After morning tea, we gathered together on the mat with friends who are transitioning from the Aqua Room. Thank you to Nicky for sharing the beautiful book with us!!!



Following the group time, we spent learning centre time in groups. We enjoyed all sort of gross motor activities in the yard. We showed the children from Aqua how to cross the wobbly bridge, and how to get on the swing. It was sometimes difficult to keep the balance, but we used our big muscles to achieve it.


Nicky and Edward were creating big ship with magnetic blocks. They used the blocks effectively to reproduce the shape of the ship accurately, even though there were no pictures or models. Great memory recall and replication skills boys!

We continued learning through our senses. We enjoyed the feeling of coloured sand as well as playdough. It was also good practice for our fine motor skills including manipulation skill.


We have written our New Year’s message cards and posted them in the post. Special new year’s message cards, called “Nengajo” in Japan, were prepared for us and we drew whatever pictures we wanted and wrote our names on them.


We also painted the fireworks over the Harbour Bridge. We used pipe cleaners to shape the fireworks and then decorated them with glitter.


Shona also brought us a lovely book from home. We all enjoyed listening to the story and looked at all the animals and musical instruments.


See you tomorrow!!

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