It’s Thursday today! It’s been another wonderful day in the Emerald room and the children have enjoyed the rain we got this afternoon too 😊

Today we began with group time – an opportunity to talk to the children and discuss things like the weather, things we like and animals too! We have been singing lots of our favourite nursery rhymes and reading books together!

This morning the children warmed up their bodies with a spot of yoga! We moved our little bodies with gross motor movements and animal poses that will aid physical development, coordination and balance!

Today the children practiced their fine motor skills by gluing and sticking to decorate lovely trees! This is part of our nature project and helps the children understand more about the world around them 😊

We’ve had a lovely time learning about shapes, playing with water and cooking in the home corner!

And in Aqua, our big kids have been exploring, playing and enjoying the new environment!

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