Happy Friday! What a wonderful week we have had to start off the year! 😊

Today the children enjoyed group time with their educators! The children loved to play “knock, knock, what’s in the box” with Jasmine and with Robyn, they read as many Spot books as they could find! We love to use group time to talk to the children, have conversations and ask open ended questions to extend their language and vocabulary!

We really enjoyed our yoga session today! The children followed along to instructions and yoga poses confidently and had lots of fun developing their gross motor skills.

The children continued with their nature project by stamping toilet rolls onto paper to recreate leaves!

Together, we made a lovely underwater scene with ocean animals!

Today has been a fun Friday! We practiced gluing and sticking to promote our fine motor skills and enjoyed playing with cars and in the sand pit.

In Aqua, our big boys and girls loved digging in the sand pit, climbing trees and painting!

Have a great weekend 😊

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