It’s Tuesday! The children have had another lovely day! The sun is shining and we’ve enjoyed exploring the garden and playing with water!

This morning the children gathered round for group time! We had a lot of fun reading books and singing songs together 😊 This is a great way to encourage listening skills too!

Today the children enjoyed playing with play dough! Play dough is a fun and sensory activity that is great for developing fine motor skills. Today our play dough was mixed with rosemary to give it a lovely smell – another way to engage the children’s senses with play dough!

We did some arts and crafts today! The children enjoyed gluing and sticking tissue paper onto paper to create beautiful flowers!

We painted with sand …

And decorated a seahorse to continue our ‘under the sea’ project! What a fun day 😊

We have enjoyed water play, block play and dancing together!

And in Aqua, our big kids had a fabulous day exploring the garden and finger painting!

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