Happy Monday to all!!! We are having extremely hot weather now so please make sure your child has a hat and drink bottle Labelled with their name on them. We have been applying lots of sun cream and having lots of water play to stay cool.

Today we started our day with group time with Liza listening to the story “Poopy Pants and Potty Rants.” All the children enjoyed listening to it and shared their views on it.

Elise “We have toilet here…and I do poo poo there!”

Nishka “we are big and do poo poo in potty! ”

The Nursery children participated in group time sang and listened to the story with enthusiasm. Also shared their views:

Molly- “ we Poo Poo in the toilet”

Isabel “Isabel do poo in toilet”

The Nursery children are settling down and building their confidence to explore the room confidently and independently.

Some children enjoyed using their special skills and did some cooking. And our little mommies patted the baby to sleep- taking turns. This helps in enhancing children to reflect their self-identity as well as depict their existing understanding in regards to social-emotions.

Our masterminds used their problem-solving skills to solve the puzzles whilst some children engaged in preparing play dough where they were acknowledged with mathematical concept of counting quantities.

Similarly, most of the children engaged in art and crafts by creating their own version of Birthday candles for our birthday wall and with Carolina, children were encouraged to identify the body parts and paint them.

It was a big day for transitioning children as they will spend their most time of the day in Crimson and the children are settling very well and is confidently exploring as well as interacting with peers and educators. They had a great day in Crimson and were very proud to share their day story with Aqua educators and peers. 😊

We had fun today.have a nice evening everyone! 😊

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