Happy Tuesday to all our Aqua families. We are having extremely hot weather now so please make sure your child has a hat and drink bottle Labelled with their name on them. We have been applying lots of sun cream and having lots of water play to stay cool.

Today the children from nursery came to explore and settle into Aqua, it is already the second week and they are all doing extremely well. They have confidently been sitting for group time, reading, and singing songs with the educators. Also, they are interacting with new friends and the teachers well. Well done to them all for being so amazing and brave, it is a big step in their lives.

Some of the children enjoyed using crayons and mark making on paper.

Well some of the children enjoyed exploring the puzzles with Carolina.

Isaac and Leonardo had fun with the large blocks, they seemed to be using them as a stage and sang some nice songs to each other as they stood up on the block.

Georgia enjoyed building a tall tower with them.

Zoe had fun putting her teddy to bed, she wrapped him in the blanket then patted him to sleep.

Some of the children enjoyed exploring and looking at Donna’s books.

After group times the children joined Donna and worked on a group project together, today we made a large Australian flag with our hands as we got to know one another.

Also, with Bambi the children did some finger painting.

We had a fun Tuesday. Have a nice evening everyone!

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