What another beautiful day we are having. Just a reminder please make sure your child has a hat and water bottle inside the bag.

To start the morning of Evan joined Adeline, Lily and Charlotte to build a new school they told their educator. After the girls did some dancing on the mat to Let it Go. India really enjoys the musical instruments and played the guitar for the 3 girls as they danced.

Elise, Emmeline, and Annabel enjoyed time at the table exploring puzzles. they are so clever, and their cognitive skills shine as they complete them by themselves.

Zachary also enjoyed exploring the puzzle box. He required some help from his educator to open some of the doors but was persistent and could manage some of them by himself.

Group times was incredibly fun and hands on. They children helped the teachers open the flaps to see who was underneath.

Our wonderful new friends from Emerald joined us and are doing well at group times listening to the teacher’s songs and stories.

After group time the children had the option to explore the room. They went outside and explored the garden. They climbed the tree and had fun sliding on the slippery dip.

With Nelson the children joined him in a matching colour game. They listened well and then waited their turn. When Nelson called them, they had to match the colour to the right spot. We have very clever little people who could find the colour on their own.

Outside Maya showed her creative side and drew a lovely picture.

Inside some of the children joined Rosanna for some playdough exploration, they used fine motor to roll the dough and Leo showed of the snake he made.

Some of the children joined Donna to continue to make their very own Australia Flag. We are getting to know about each other and were we come from. They are mark making and showing the creative side to each.

Some of the children had some relaxing time on the mat reading books.

What awesome fun we had in Aqua today.

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