Early morning children enjoyed playing outside and warming up their bodies via physical activities. Similarly, Eliot visited Aqua and had fun with children and enjoyed dancing and taking some pictures.

Later, children participated in group time singing morning songs and listening to the story.  We sang “Good Morning” song where each child’s name will be taken. This helps children to develop knowledgeable and confident self-identities. Our new friends participated very well in the group time and are starting to recognise their Aqua peers and educators with their names.

In learning center, children enjoyed pour and scooping activating contributing to their hand-eye coordination skills.

Similarly, Sara built a wonderful gate using connectors and further planned to make a castle out of it.

With Nelson, children engaged actively in colour recognition sport where they had to run, choose a small cone and place it in the big cones based on the colours.

Some children participated with enthusiasm to clean the farm animals with soap water.

Isla: “Horse has poo…I will clean her bum”

Joey replied: “I will clean the poo then…”

Iris: “Dirty animals!”

Annabel: “we clean bum after poo poo!”

This facilitates in acknowledging children about their health and wellbeing.

Also, to expose children to diversity and acknowledge them about the country we live in “Australia”, they were introduced to Australian Flag colours- Red, Blue and White and were encouraged to paint the Australian Flag.

In self selected activities children engaged in water play, puzzles and physical activities. This provides opportunities for children to reflect their self- identities and also their sense of agency. Furthermore, it promotes social development.

All the children had fun engaging in water play in this hot weather whereas our new friends have settled and developed their self-confidence as they are independently exploring the room and playing together.

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