Happy Friday! What a fantastic day to finish off weekdays! Just a quick reminder to families, please bring a family photo and hand it to one of the educators as we are making family tree on the wall. Also, please make sure your child has a variety of clothing (including underwear) in the bag. With the hot weather we have been having lately, we are likely to have water play.



We had so much fun in the yard today as we had an exciting obstacle course!!! Before we started, we all listened to instructions carefully and reviewed the rules for fun and safe play.

We needed to cross a long balancing beam without falling off, climb the climbing dome and walk past the steppingstones. Some parts were tricky, but we showed off our gross/fine motor skills and coordination while went through the course. It was extremely exciting to try something new and difficult!!!



We also participated in the painting. Viraj and Arya enjoyed creating art with natural materials. They were proud when they mixed colours together and discovered new ones.


Julia loved to arrange butterflies on the black paper. While she was making her art, she named all the colours.


Liam used red painting to show his creativity. After finished, he explained about his work in detail.



Ava and Isabelle had a lovely sister time together. Ava says she is so happy that her sister Isabelle has come to Crimson. She wishes she could spend the whole day with Isabelle. You two are inseparable!


Have a great weekend! See you next week.

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