Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room. The children have had a lovely day in the warm weather 😊

This morning began with group time – a chance for the educators to sit down and have meaningful conversations with the children about their weekends, the weather and the different books we read! What a fantastic way to promote speech, language and social development!

We had so much fun practicing yoga with MeiTing! This is such a great way to encourage big gross motor movements that exercise the whole body!

Today the children got to work learning all about the Australian flag! The children used their fine motor skills to paint their paper blue and stick on stars, to create their own Australian flag!

We practiced our fine motor skills more by playing with pegs and paper plates!

The children have had a marvellous Monday playing together with the cars, in the home corner and in the sand pit! We have read lots of books and danced too!

Our big boys and girls have spent the whole day in Aqua! We can’t wait to hear all about it 😊

Today we celebrated Amelia’s birthday! Everyone loved singing Happy Birthday to Amelia and watching as she blew out her candle! Hip Hip Hooray! 😊

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