Happy Wednesday! The children have had an excellent day playing together, exploring, painting and learning new things!

We enjoyed various group times with different educators today! We love it when Jasmine reads stories and sings with us 😊 What a fun way to enhance the children’s language and vocabulary.

The children really loved joining in with yoga this morning! We followed along with our yoga songs and moved our bodies to the music! Everyone did a great job at moving their bodies and working on their balance and coordination!

Today we used toilet rolls to stamp paint onto our paper! The children had lots of fun seeing what shapes they could make!

Today the children learnt about Aboriginal symbols by using sticks to draw in the sand! Together we looked at different Aboriginal symbols and their meanings and tried to draw them in the sand 😊

We have had such a wonderful day drawing pictures on the chalk boards, dancing and posting lolly sticks through holes in formula tins – a great way to enhance fine motor skills and depth perception! Thanks for a lovely Wednesday 😊

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