Happy Friday everyone! On this beautiful day, the Aqua explorers started their day off with different activities such as practicing their cognitive and fine motor skills with puzzles, facilitating their language skills through looking at books with Carolina. Interacting with friends at the office table and sofa.

Just before learning centre, one group of explorers were invited to story time with Bambi while the other group listened to Komalpreet’s stories. The children listened attentive and took interest in different images in the story.

During learning centre time, the Aqua explorers were invited to various activities:

Inside at the table, children were invited to do a sensory painting with cotton wool different colour paints. They love to explore the texture of the cotton wool by squeezing it in their hands!

Outside, the children continued to explore Australian colours red and blue through painting. They were good at naming these two colours!

The colourful rice bin was popular among the explorers. They explore volume by filling up their containers and loved to feel the texture of rice in their hands.

In the yard, the Aqua children enjoyed building train tracks at the car table. They loved exploring all areas of the yard and had lots of fun!



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