Today to start the morning of the children made a tent in the reading corner, they used cushions to build the fort and sat inside hiding from the educators.

Saige and Isla made one on the couch area and loved laughing and giggling as they hid behind it.

All the Emerald children are exploring well throughout the day.

Henry, Amelia M, and Maddie had fun exploring the puzzles with Trish our teacher.

There was lots of large gross motor development happening outside. The children were running, jumping and kicking the ball.

Annabel and Nicholas enjoyed exploring colours with the dinosaurs. They counted how many were on the table.

At group time the children joined their teachers on the mat, were they sand many nursery rhymes. We are learning all our peer’s names and love singing the good morning song and hello how are you.

After group times we split for learning centre time. some of the children joined Donna to continue to talk about their identity, the colour of their eyes, how many noses and mouth we had. They got creative then and drew their own portrait of themselves.

With Bambi the children explored the shape of a circle. They made many stamps in the circle shape on the paper.

With Helena the children experienced some sensory exploration with their feet. They made many prints to represent the Australian flag.

We had such a fun day exploring!

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