What a hot Thursday we are having. The children are using their hats when outside and have been applying sun cream throughout the day.

We also have been enjoying stamping our feet in the water trout to keep ourselves chilled in this hot weather.

Also, outside the children joined Liza to explore her treasure box. She has lots of fun things inside and the excitement was evident as the children joined her on the mat.

We joined the teachers on the mat to welcome each other to school. We sing the good morning song so the children will get to know our new peers and educators.

The nursery children joined Donna in some songs. They chose the props and became Monkeys swinging on the tree, and the farm animals. We sang Old Mc Donald and when it was time to become the animals the children held up the farm animal they were.

After we went into small groups.

Sophie made her eyes, nose, mouth, and hair as she spoke about Donna all about herself. Madeleine also made a beautiful self-portrait, and she could tell Donna how many eyes she had.

Maya joined Bambi and traced the dots to complete some shapes and then some of our other nursery friends tried her activity also.

With Nelson in the garden the children sat and listened while he explained to them what to do in the obstacle course, he had got ready.

Annabel was like a spider monkey while she crawled over the steppingstones. They had to try not touch the sides. The children also had the opportunity to pic a colour and drive like the bus around the garden.

Playdough was a hit as always, the children used their fine motor skills and moulded the dough to the shape they want. They get stronger daily and some of the children can make many shapes like snakes.

We had a fun day today.

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