Thank you to all who have provided a family photo. For those who have not yet done so, please hand it directly to the educators or send it by email to the BBC’s email address. Thank you for your cooperation.


It was another beautiful day. Like every morning, we participated in group time, sang various songs, and listened to the stories. Group time provides a great opportunity for us to socialise with our peers as well as educators.


In the learning centre time, we had lots of fun and learnt a lot in the yard under the sunshine. In the blue water that represents the ocean, there are many different kinds of sea animals. We each took favourite animals and created a story with them.




We looked at different things with magnifying glasses. Arda looked closely at koalas and other Australian animals. Archie looked around him through a magnifying glass, observing the world in a different way as usual. When Shoko asked him what he can see, he answered: “I can see you! But you are big.”.



In the afternoon, we did ‘Egg and spoon race’. We each took a big spoon with a toy egg on it and started walking at the same time. We then competed to see who could make it to the finish line without dropping the egg. The egg was unstable on the spoon, so it was quite difficult to move forward without dropping it. This race challenged our coordination skills and our sense of balance.



Before afternoon tea, we sang a birthday song together to celebrate Lily’s birthday. Happy birthday Lily! We are so happy to celebrate your birthday with you and your brother!!! Thank you for bringing the delicious cupcakes!!



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