Happy Friday! It’s the end of another week in the Emerald room 😊 We’ve had a lovely week, filled with adventure, learning and fun!

During group time today, our educators spoke to the children about Australia Day! Together we talked about Australian animals, the Australian and Aboriginal flags! We also read stories, like ‘Wombat Diary’ and sang songs about Kookaburras!

This morning the children were ready for yoga! We began by stretching our bodies up high to the sky and then touching our toes. We made animal poses with our bodies, like cow, frog and butterfly! We love our daily yoga routine, it’s a great way to encourage physical development and gross motor skills!

We talked a lot about the different colours in the Aboriginal flag and what they represent. The children used glue to stick small squares of red and black paper onto their flag and a big yellow circle in the middle!

The children enjoyed using paintbrushes to ‘dab, dab, dab’ the paint onto their paper to create an Australian wattle!

We’ve had so much fun playing with insects in the leaves, talking on the phone in the office and building houses with the wooden blocks!

Our big boys and girls start their journey in Aqua starting next week and we are so excited for them! Of course we will miss them terribly … but we’ll see you over the fence! 😊

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