Happy Monday everyone! It is lovely to meet all the new families during drop off time and the new children are settling into Aqua. As children are getting drop off in the morning, they were invited to variety of experiences. Inside, some Aqua explorers were busy practicing their cognitive and fine motor skills with puzzles. At the home corner, the children were busy putting the babies to bed as well as cooking. Outside at the sandpit, the Aqua explorers were busy exploring volume with buckets and running vehicles around the sandpit.

Just before learning centre time, the Aqua explorers were divided into two groups for story time. One group read some of their favourite stories from Emerald with Ekta. They also enjoyed singing ‘5 little ducks’ and ‘humpty dumpty.’ With Natasha, the children listened to some of their favourite stories on the Ipad such as ‘lion sleep tonight’ and ‘Never smile at a Crocodile’.

During learning centre, the Aqua explorers were engaged with variety of activities:

With Bambi, the children assisted in playdough making. They enjoyed exploring the texture of different ingredient as well as the playdough!

As Australia day is approaching, the Aqua explorers were invited to make fairy bread with Helena. They children were excited to spread the bread with nutlex and sprinkle sprinkles onto their bread!

With Natasha, the children practiced their colours with collaging.

With Nelson and Ekta outside, the children practiced their gross motor skills on the big dome.

The Aqua  explorers had so much fun today!

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