Happy Wednesday! We hope you enjoyed Australia Day yesterday 😊 Today the children have enjoyed the significantly cooler weather and played outside!

We began with group time – our favourite time of the day! The children enjoy participating in group times with different educators. The children loved to sing songs with Ekta and read books with Robyn today!

Everyone had so much fun joining in with yoga this morning too! We stretched our bodies and followed along, making animal poses! What a fun way to exercise our gross motor skills 😊

The children loved arts and crafts today! We got nice and sticky by using glue. The children dipped cotton balls into the glue before sticking them onto their papers. And we also continued decorating lovely echidnas with leaves!

Today we posted lolly sticks through holes in old formula tins to develop fine motor skills. We played in a big red bowl together … and we played Doctors too! What a fun day 😊

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